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Honoring Your Blessings from 2018

Most of you are slowing down, reflecting on 2018 as it starts to come to an end. As with every holiday season, we are steadily approaching the new year, which is always accompanied by introspection and reflection on all of your good and bad decisions, situations,...

Tips for Embracing the Winter Darkness

December is a month of short days and long nights, leading to a lot of introspection. It is a time where we sleep, replenish, explore, and dream. We feast on the bounty from the past year and prepare to set our intentions for the next year. The darkness of the long...

What Do Healing Crystals Really Do?

Once revered and adorned for their beauty and metaphysical properties by almost every single ancient civilization, healing crystals are finally making a comeback. After the evolution and spreading of the Christian church in 355 AD, using crystals for amulets declined...

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