Many of us identify as a “left brain” or a “right brain” – we are either objective and logical or artistic, spiritual, and subjective. However, the world has never been, nor will it ever be, that simple. It comes as no surprise that most of the left brain population pursues degrees and jobs in STEM fields, and right brain people prefer the liberal arts. Unfortunately, there has become such a disconnect between the two paths that we often deem fields like philosophy and spirituality – or the belief in something we cannot fully understand or see – a “useless” path.

However, many of us tend to forget that without fields like philosophy, we would not have fields like math, science, engineering, and technology. What was once a philosophical idea eventually became these STEM fields – because of the constant questioning, pondering, and critical thinking that philosophy involves. Without these fields, where would we be today?

Ultimately, the disconnects between left and right brains has led to a crisis of conflict about spirituality and the nature of the universe. Interestingly enough, many left brain people are finding this spiritual connection – whether it is a god, the universe, or just a feeling of something more than what we know or understand – through nature. Without an understanding, an appreciation, and a love of nature, we will continue to push out the creativity that fuels everything in the world and the universe.

Understanding Balance

Balance is everything, and without it, we can not exist. Nature knows balance – as one thing comes into existence, another one dies; and as one being thrives, another is killed to allow that being to live. This is an endless cycle that has had endless success since the beginning of time. This interesting process is what fueled the ideas of people like Charles Darwin who was so curious about how some species survive and thrive over time, and others do not. In the end, there is balance to it all.

Not only does the earth teach us balance, but it gives us the tools to live. Nature selflessly gives us access to food, water, natural medicines, and resources to survive. Hence, the balance of Mother Nature. In return, we must learn to respect all that nature offers us. Whether this means creating more sustainable options to preserve nature while preserving humanity or giving back to the earth in other ways such as a home garden, it is vital to human life and spirituality to learn the process of giving back to create balance in the world.

Balancing the universe to find a deeper sense of spirituality can be illuminating and rewarding. When we focus on becoming a part of nature instead of constantly fighting and changing it, we become co-creators with the natural world – the natural world that allows us humans to exist in the first place. This allows us to honor nature for the blessings that the world has provided us. To co-create with the naturally occurring aspects of our world and universe can shift our relationships to the world, to the environment, and to the people around us.

How to Connect with Nature

  1. Get Outside and Embrace the Elements: One of the most effective ways to understand and appreciate nature is to get into it – to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Whether you want to hike and backpack in the mountains, climb up steep rock faces, swim in lakes and oceans, or do some yoga and meditation in a secluded area of the forest, there is something for every single person in nature. The connections that you can create, and the elevated level of awareness that comes from those connections, can change your fundamental beliefs and values. It is time that more of us step outside of our comfortable lives and immerse ourselves into the lifeblood of human life and survival.
  2. Change Your State of Mind: Many of us are scared or simply disinterested in being a part of nature – sometimes it’s because of the creepy bugs or not wanting to sleep in a tent on the ground. Whatever the reasons are, it is important to try and shift your state of mind. Remember, nature is the reason we exist. It is where we all come from and how we will continue to survive. Without nature and the resources it provides, we are nothing. We have a symbiotic relationship with the earth through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the fire that keeps us going. Remembering what the world provides us can help us get back to our roots and form connections that will not only strengthen our spiritual awareness, but our overall state of being.
  3. Relax, Observe, and Connect: There are many forms of nature that are easily accessible to most of us, even in big cities; and sometimes, it just feels like there isn’t enough time to drive far away to the beach, mountains, or desert to immerse ourselves in nature. However, this just means that it is vital that we find time to relax and eliminate stress; to observe the world and nature around us in the present moment; and to connect with other humans, the world around us, and the environment we are in. Through relaxation, observation, and connection to the world around us, we will find our souls awakening to new depths.