Healing your energetic body is essential to living a fulfilled, healthy life. Everything is made of energy, which is why it is so important to spend some time working to align and heal your energies. While this can seem like a daunting task, switching your emotions and health can be done easily and quickly. By tuning into your energy body with intention you can profoundly change the quality of your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is Energy and How Does This Impact Me?

Thousands of years ago, prominent philosopher Socrates poised the notion that the universe, humans, and our souls were made up of energy, but for many years, scientists disregarded this belief. We have been taught for so long from Newtonian scientists that we, as humans, and everything around us, are made up of matter – a tangible matter. Today, quantum physicists are shifting this belief.

Quantum physicists state that our atoms are energy, meaning we, the human body and the human soul, are energy – and this can be seen in the study of atoms that our bodies are composed of. If the atoms in our bodies, our souls, and the whole universe around us are energetic, how could this impact our daily lives?

By working with our energetic bodies, energetic fields, and energetic soul we have the ability to heal any and all pieces of us. We do this by tapping into the universal life force energy. Energy is universal and impacts all matter, as matter is energy. Humans are healed, elevated, and given substance through energy, which can help any person shift physical, spiritual, and emotional ailments.

The Importance of Working, Healing, and Enhancing Your Energetic Body

Think about it – a soul is energy. If your soul is energy, your body is energy, and everything around you is energy. Finding a way to tap into the energy and harness it’s power is essential to fulfilling the needs of your energetic self. Energy is raw power waiting and ready to be tapped into by you. By connecting with the Universal Life Force energy, you become one with the flow of all creation, all that is. Why wouldn’t you tap into the universal life force to move life into direct alignment and flow with the universe?

In doing so you will elevate your soul to its rightful harmonious state. You will elevate your mind into awakened consciousness. You will heal your body to support this higher vibrational energetic state. This will alter your now and your future to be aligned with your highest calling.

In simple day to day terms, you will have more energy, your moods will become more balanced, you will experience joy, love, and bliss regularly, all while becoming more productive at work, improving your overall physicality, and achieving the unimaginable heights you are meant reach.

With 10 minutes a day and a few simple steps, you have the capacity to harness this energy and open the gateway for continuous miracles. This can be done anywhere, in your office, in your cubicle, in your home, in an airport, in a restaurant – anywhere where you believe you need to elevate your energy or heal your body.

Five Simple Steps to Aligning Your Energetic Body

The most important thing to remember when it comes to aligning your energetic body to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual self is that it is all about intention. This means that it is vital to your success to truly put the effort in, to recognize why you are wanting to do this, and to use your natural creative and imaginative abilities. If you are intentionally working towards shifting your energies, there are five easy steps that you can incorporate into your day to day life to get started down this wonderful path of enlightenment:

  1. Sit Comfortably and Focus on Your Breath: Find a quiet, relaxing place to sit. This could be in your office at your desk, in your bed, on your yoga mat, or outside in the park – do whatever feels best in that moment (or whatever you have access to!). Start by placing your hands in your lap and closing your eyes. Now, try to become aware of your breath. Focus on connecting your body and your breath to become one, while utilizing that focus on your breathing as a way to drift away from the thoughts racing through your mind.
  2. Imagine White Light Moving Through You: This second step is when the importance of creativity comes into play. Now is the time to imagine energy – similar to how a yogi would tell you to focus on feeling your breath move from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet – moving through your whole body. Focus on the feeling of relaxing, warm energy flowing through your toes and feet, up your legs, towards your hips, through your stomach, into your chest, and up to the top of your head. Let your body release any pent up energy or stress, allowing the energy to move inside and around your body. Feel this energy, tune into it, and let it become a part of you. Remember that there is no right or wrong way – simply allow yourself to experience the energy.
  3. Rub Your Hands Together: As the energy is flowing, rub your hands together for one to two minutes. Feel the warmth from the friction of your hands building. Once you feel the increase in energy, move your hands 6 to 12 inches from each other; visualize and feel the energy flowing through them. Allow this energy to connect to the energy flowing throughout the inside and the outside of your body – expand the energy. During this step, it is important to remember that this energy is always here, it is part of you, and you are the energy. You are able to feel it now because of the intention and the awakening of your awareness to it.
  4. Add Feelings of Joy and Happiness: As the energy continues to flow through your body, allow yourself to experience joy and happiness. Begin to imagine what it feels like to be happy – or one of the happiest thoughts you have ever had – and use that energy to continue to expand this thought. Let it flow through you. Allow a smile to move over you – relax your jaw, your cheeks, your brows. Feel this energy move into your heart. Mix the energy of your smile with the energy of your heart. Continue to work with it. Let it expand through the rest of your body.
  5. Move the Energy to Parts of Your Body that Ache: As you experience the energy flowing through your body, begin moving the energy to direct points in your body that ache – to both physical and emotional ailments. Envision white light and electricity flowing through the ache. Allow it to move gently. Feel its warmth massaging the area. Allow the flow of the energy to move freely. Relax.

Remember to stay as long as you like with this energy. Energetic healing has a profound impact. Whether you take these steps daily or when you need them, energy can make a huge difference in the state of your being and your day-to-day life. Enjoy the experience of being connected to the grand universal life force!

As Dr. Will Rogers (SMT 33) states “when your energy vibrates at a frequency that is within direct alignment to what the Universe is attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles begin to happen”.