Most people will spend their lives fluctuating between the first two levels of consciousness. As we start to become more aware of who we are, our roles in the universe, and what that means for us, transcendence to higher levels of consciousness occur. But what does it mean to be in the first level of consciousness, and what can be done to move forward past this phase?

As discussed last week in the blog ”What is Consciousness?”, we explored what the basic understanding of consciousness is, and how we can utilize our understanding and awareness to become more enlightened – and to expand our awareness of our current consciousness. We explored the four major stages of higher consciousness, all of which we can resonate with at one point in our lives or another.

Understanding the First Level of Higher Consciousness

The first stage of higher consciousness is typically where most of us will spend our lives. It is a place where we are victims of our circumstances. We reside in this phase because it easy. Whether we are justifying unfortunate or unfair situations or simply using this level of consciousness as a way to be a lifeless cog in the machine, many of us will continue to prefer to remain in the first level of consciousness.

In this level, we truly believe that the world happens to us – that every single situation is out of our control. The universe must have a plan, and we are put on this Earth to routinely follow and abide by this predetermined plan for our lives. This life is just a random series of events that prevent us from having any real accountability for our actions or choices. Instead, our choices are pointless. We have no way to control the outcome of any situation, so why even try?

A common analogy for this first level of consciousness is that anyone residing in this stage is living in a box – but they have no idea that this box exists. They are powerless to the experiences of their life, but this makes them very reactive to every situation. Living in a life that they have no control over makes them angry, even though they are typically not aware of it. Living in the first stage of consciousness feels hopeless, but mainly because we blindly oppress ourselves by giving away the power that we have – to governments, doctors, self-help programs, and long-standing institutions. They accept everything and question nothing.

Little do these people know that life is not predisposed to some and ignorant of others, but instead, a world full of possibilities and options that are within our power to achieve. In this first stage, we are all so busy numbing ourselves to the world. We are angry, we are restless, and we are lost. We find solace in unimportant things like social media, television, and binge eating. We are not happy in this stage, yet many of us find it easier to let someone else deal with it all.

Some of us will forever reside in this stage, unhappy and reactive to everything life has to offer. For the rest of us, we have come to realize that life couldn’t possibly be this simplistic and monotonous. We are sick of having excuses for everything in our lives. As awareness starts to bud and blossom in the corners of our minds, we realize that we cannot reside in this level of consciousness anymore – and that is terrifying! However, many of us can never go back to living as a victim once awareness creeps in.

As you learn to move forward in life and away from excuses as to why the life you lead is not truly your life, you become more consciously aware of the realities around you. This is when you start moving into the second level of higher consciousness – a stage where you can start to express yourself more, to move away from being a drone in the world to an emotion-filled and motivated artist. This is where you start to see your life shift right before your eyes.