As you continue to progress through the process of higher consciousness, you move past the feeling that life is out of your control. As you start to spend more time contemplating the fact that if life is not out of your control, then it must be within your control. However, if life is in your control and you fail, then you are a failure. This is the initial phase of reaching an awakened reality, or the first level of higher consciousness.

Once you have realized that life is within your control, but you are still unsure of what that truly means, you start to experience the second level of higher consciousness. Throughout this phase, you are coming to terms with your reality – a reality that is highly subjective, artistic, creative, and solely your doing. While this can be an exciting phase, eventually, when failure arises, your subjective reality crumbles into a dark reality where you run from your truths. This is where many people struggle to transition into the third phase of higher consciousness, but once you realize that you cannot have healing by staying in the second level, you will persist.

When you live in the first and second phases of higher consciousness, you sooner or later come to terms with the fact that you can no longer be a victim of your own life – not if you want to have an actual life worth living. On the contrary, as seen during the second phase of higher consciousness, you cannot force and bend life to your will. Because, as the cliché goes, it is what it is.

This is when many of you start to experience the desire to take radical action to shift your life – because you are learning to take responsibility for your life. You begin to show up for life exactly as it is, not as you subjectively want it or expect it to be. Life is hard, and that will never change. But life is also exciting. Life is interesting. Life is adventurous. Life is worth living! Yet, it is worth living on life’s terms, not yours.

When you spend so much time running and resisting the natural pains of life – such as loss, death, and struggles – you start to create a life full of struggles. It is so easy to forget that we all have struggles when you are battling your own. However, during the third level of higher consciousness, you become aware of how subjective your struggles really are. You play a role in harboring those resentments, negative feelings and attitudes, and traumas. Once again, life is hard – but by facing your sufferings instead of running away from them, blaming them on bad luck, or holding them against yourself, you will never heal.

As you continue to transition through the third level of higher consciousness, it becomes clear that you lack trust for life. You no longer feel the need to resist and struggle against life, but instead, wake up trusting life implicitly. You learn to open your heart, mind, body, and soul to all that life has to offer, even when it is a difficult situation. You start to learn how to spend more time letting go of negative reactions by shifting that energy and focus into something productive.

Once you reach this realization, you start to utilize that radical action to create the life you truly want to live. Whether this is by eating better, working out more, making time in your life for all of those things you write off as not being a high enough priority – you start to make you a priority. Deep gratitude starts to take over your mindset, instead of sitting in resentment and anger for the way life has unfolded for you. You start to make new friends, while disengaging from people in your life that do not benefit you. You try new things, eat new foods, and live a life worth living. You become curious about what each new day brings!

While all of this is miraculous and wonderful, there is still work to be done to achieve your highest self. By the end of the third level of higher consciousness, you are feeling elated with possibilities of what your life could hold, yet you must never forget that it is a lifelong process of working hard at remaining awake.