As you continue to explore the four levels of higher consciousness, you finally start to realize that you do not know everything that life has in store for you, but you are learning that this is okay – and that you are able to trust life again. Throughout this entire journey into higher consciousness, you have dived head first into the abyss, being unable to turn a blind eye any longer to the realities of the world around you.

One of the most vital parts to completing this journey and reaching the final level of higher consciousness is trust. You are being taught how to trust life again through a shift in perspective. It has been a long, difficult journey, but you know you are close to the final stage when you truly realize that you are open to all aspects of life. Without this trust, how can you accept all that life has to offer you?

This is were you start to fuse the heart and the mind together. In hindsight, it is easier to see how the first three stages revolved around a separation of the heart and the mind – you were either living solely based on what your heart was telling you, or your mind. Instead, this journey into the fourth level of higher consciousness allows you to learn to love yourself again.

When you learn to love yourself and trust life implicitly, you stop struggling. You learn to let go of the things in life that no longer serve you. You feel as if you are born again, but this time, with clarity of the universe. You are shifting your ideals and perspective towards a life that encompasses the positive and negative aspects of life – with joy!

You are no longer living in a false reality that was obtained by trying to be someone else or manifesting another’s ideals. You are embracing the unknown and the known of life without extreme reactions. You no longer feel the need to be overly depressed or excited, because all of life is embraced with calming clarity and openness. You are finally living in your own reality, and it feels wonderful.

With this clarity and renewed, childlike trust of the world comes more self-love. As you start to love yourself, you realize that you are gaining confidence. With this self-love and confidence comes the ability to manifest true desires. When these true desires become known, it allows you to move in more positive, constructive directions to achieve your dreams. But this cannot be done without unconditional self-love.

This growing love for yourself becomes evident to you and those around you by the lifestyle choices you make. These choices are ideas that you probably had in the first and second stages of higher consciousness, but during those stages, if felt more like a chore. Waking up and meditating, eating a balanced breakfast, and heading into work sounded like a definite way to fix your life, but you were not trusting and open to life yet – you still had too much resistance to what life truly has to offer you.

As you continue to shift your energy to loving and trusting yourself and the universe, you start consciously moving towards your wants and desires by creating a life that benefits you. You start to realize all of the choices, alternatives, and possibilities that life holds for you. As this starts to become a more centralized ideal in your core, you start to let go of everything you think you know, while you start to truly make room and open up to the infinite amount of knowledge out in the world. You have now carved the path towards finding your highest self, allowing you to continuously work hard to learn the true ways of the world. What do you think the world would look life if we all reached this final stage?