Tips for Embracing Venues in Retrograde with Your Heart Chakra

Tip #1: Embrace the Rose!

Roses have powerful energy fields that vibrate higher then any flower on earth!   Roses symbolize spirit, eternal love, divine love, and the heart.  Many cultures believe roses to be the flower of miracles and a way of connecting with the Angelic Realms.  Place a bouquet of roses in your bedroom – preferably by your bed – or take a bath with rose petals and sea salt. Utilize rose essential oils and sprays on yourself and in your rooms.

Tip #2: Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz:

Take full advantage of the healing properties of crystals. Treat yourself with the undeniable energies of Rhodochrosite. This stone is a powerful heart healing crystal. Combine Rhodochrosite with Rose Quartz – the gentle, soft, and healing quartz combination promotes pure love, compassion, and healing. Be sure to surround your heart with this tender love.

Tip #3: Call on Archangel Chamuel for Self-Love and Heart Healing:

Utilize the powerful energies of the Archangel Chamuel, the angel that symbolizes unconditional love. To do this, start by laying down with our eyes closed. Start to envision the Archangel Chamuel with you. Allow yourself to connect and eel the gentle and compassionate energies this Archangel is known for. Once you are connected, start to pull in the powerful pink energy light ray. Connect and unite with the light rays, bringing them to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Finally, be sure to lay down for a while, meditating, and allowing the energies to flow through your heart and soul.