Almost all traditions that have been passed down well before many of us even came to be are deeply rooted in ritual and tradition designed to honor the sacredness of the soul’s work. There are so many rituals performed before, during, and after any divination work is done. Fire ceremonies, dancing, singing, chanting, candles, incense, prayer beads, prayers themselves, preparing and alter, clearing and cleaning spaces, and so forth, are all encompassed in the spiritual journey that we all embark on at one point or another in life.

Journeying through various layers of spiritual training can be exhausting, tedious, and emotionally draining. As we embark upon our studies and practices, exploration of the heart and mastery of the mystical revolves around reverence, honor, and deep respect for the sacred. This powerful work is sacred. Whether we work with others or are on our own personal journey, it is critical to remember to honor the gift for that which we have been graced with – divine presence. Being given the capacity to be a vessel for and facilitate sacred work is precious and undoubtedly a privilege. There is a quiet humility to it, a personal sacredness. It is important for us to be reminded daily of the importance of honoring this work.

The elders know and understand the value of reverence. They teach the rituals and the value of them over and over to their students. They require us to have patience and ask us to harness our powers, our knowing’s, and our teachings to be used for the highest good of all. To show respect in every aspect of this magical spiritual work is a vital part of journeying into the next phase of life and higher consciousness. When we master the principles of reverence, honor, and respect, then we have become the master on our spiritual journey.

All of these rituals are used to remind us that there is something greater than us and it is to be respected. It is in the process honoring that we acknowledge the privilege of being connected, whether you call it God, energy, the universe, or science – it does not matter. Regardless of how one frames spiritual studies, it is something greater than us, and its ability to pass through us is nothing less than a privilege. When you truly tap into the power of the spirit world and harness your own power as a result, it is very easy to be swept up in the seductive elixir of this power.

The rituals that connect us back to reverence, honor, and respect for the work we are doing keeps us rooted in its divine purity, the integrity of the beautiful work itself. It is so important to embark upon each moment of your spiritual journey with slow and patient deliberation that holds the highest of intention with a clean and pure heart.

As you journey through your spiritual pathways, take time each day – before, during, and after each practice – to honor the sacred space of your soul and all its teaching. There is an inherent grace that comes with the display of temperance within our practices. When we are reverent in all we do it keeps us true and pure of heart. When we have respect for the soul’s work we connect to the magnitude of the precious gift we have been provided with. The true teachers, the true masters, the truly gifted are those who continue to honor all that came before them, all that is in front of them and all that will be. The grace of humility, respect, reverence, honor, sanctity of the sacred are all hallmarks of truly exceptional sages, leaders, and masters.