As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we are constantly reflecting on what we will say around the dinner table for that which we are grateful for. Is it the roof over our head? Is it our grateful heart for the job we have? Is it for material items in our home? No matter what it is, the holiday season hopefully pushes us to ruminate on what we are truly thankful for – and what others may lack. Thus, leading to an increase in hospitality and volunteering initiatives around the country.

‘Tis the season to give thanks for all that we have received – all while moving into the darkness of winter. As we transition into the colder season, we begin to nestle in for rest, reflection, and good food. However, the most important part of the fall season that can be forgotten is reflection – and honoring – our abundance. This abundance can be material, spiritual, people, health, and so forth. No matter what your abundance is, the key is remembering that you must honor it.

Here are three great ways to get started on honoring your abundance:

  1. Keep a List: Start your holiday season off right by taking action and recording all that you are grateful for. Spend the next few weeks of November writing down five things that you are thankful for every single day. This will probably start off with the obvious things – jobs, cars, a house. By doing this daily for the next few weeks, you will be forced to dig deeper. Are you thankful for your spiritual connection to a higher power? What about the random act of kindness someone showed you today? How about something as simple as a person letting you merge onto the highway? Either way, consistently starting your day with a grateful heart will help you to remain positive, happy, and full of light and love for your abundance.
  2. Daily Kind Acts: We have all had bad days, but sometimes those bad days can be radically shifted by one kind act from another human being – even just a simple smile from them. Remembering that a little kind act like that could shift your day means that it could be the difference in someone else’s day too. Spend the fall season doing one kind act for someone in your life, whether it is someone you know or just a random stranger – it will make a difference. Furthermore, it allows you to remember all that you have to be thankful for, where others may not. By being kind to everyone you meet, you can learn to be more grateful for all that life has to offer you. And who knows? The person you smile at or help out could change your life!
  3. Outreach Initiatives: With the holiday season comes a rise in people volunteering. While it is sad to see that more people volunteer during the holidays, it is a step in the right direction! Spend some time reflecting on which cause you want to donate your time to and reach out! Go help at a homeless shelter or a women’s shelter. Spend some time helping at your local food bank to serve food to the poor. Whatever it looks like for you, volunteer! This allows you to step outside of yourself for a period of time to be there for someone who needs it more. This not only gives you the opportunity to develop new skills and meet new people, but it helps you realize all that you truly have – allowing your grateful heart to grow.

It is in the giving that you receive the greatest gifts. It is in the acknowledgement of all that you have received no matter how small that abundance expands. Allow your month to be filled with the giving back of all that you have so generously received!