Once revered and adorned for their beauty and metaphysical properties by almost every single ancient civilization, healing crystals are finally making a comeback. After the evolution and spreading of the Christian church in 355 AD, using crystals for amulets declined throughout religions, but they were still utilized as symbolic references (such as carbuncle representing Christ’s sacrifice). In 1609, Anselmus de Boot, court physician to Rudolf II of Germany, spearheaded the decline of crystal healing, further solidifying the declining use of crystals in religious or healing purposes. However, in recent years, especially as Millennials continue to push the boundaries on how they practice spirituality, crystals and gemstones are being utilized at a rapid pace. As spiritual practices continue to evolve, even with religions, people are placing more reliance and faith in the medicinal, spiritual, and metaphysical properties of crystal work.

The History of Crystals and Gemstones

With a deep and rich history, crystals converted into talismans and amulets have played a vital role in many cultures, dating all the way back to the start of human history – although it is difficult to know the earliest date of origin. Paleolithic era talisman objects have been excavated from graves in Sungir, Russia (about 60,000 years old) made from mammoth ivory, shell, and fossil shark teeth. This signifies the importance of talisman and amulets to ancient cultures, which transferred to newer civilizations.

About 30,000 years ago, Baltic amber beads were some of the oldest amulets ever found. They were most notably discovered in Britain at the end of the last ice age – which continues to show just how valuable they were because of the distance they had traveled. In addition to Baltic amber, Jet beads and malachite pieces have been found in Paleolithic gravesites. The emphasis that ancient cultures placed on crystal and gemstone properties is astounding, yet this is only the beginning of the spreading of crystal healing.

One of the most prominent ancient cultures that utilized healing crystals and gemstones were the Ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. They used a variety of stones – especially lapis lazuli, turquoise, and carnelian – for protection, health, and the adornment of kings and queens. Ancient Sumerians also used these crystals in magic formulas the help protect themselves from outside forces – both human and supernatural – and to purge evil spirits. These crystals were also used for beauty and cosmetic purposes, such as for eyeshadow.

The Sumerians were not the only civilization to possess and harness healing crystals. For centuries, Ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures made powerful crystals and gemstones the center of their beliefs. The word crystal actual comes from the Greek word for ‘ice’; many other crystal names, such as amethyst (meaning ‘not drunken’), derive from Greek words. Whether Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations were attributing metaphysical properties to crystals or associating crystals and gemstones with their gods, healing crystals played a vital role in their daily lives – so much so that Greek soldiers would even crush up hematite and rub it all over their bodies to make themselves invincible before battle.

Other notable ancient cultures that placed an emphasis on healing crystals include the Chinese and Romans. Ancient Roman cultures are well known for utilizing the healing and metaphysical properties of crystals and gemstones. In particular, they crafted various unique talismans and amulets to wear as a means to enhance health, provide protection, and denote status in society. As for Chinese cultures, jade is most often correlated with Ancient Chinese civilizations. However, even to this day, many Chinese cultures place emphasis on jade and other healing crystals for support in health, good fortune, and happiness.

The Power of Crystals and Gemstones

On the surface, crystal and gemstone healing is all about manifesting intentions and desires with energy from the mind, body, and soul while utilizing the healing stone to transfer that energy into existence. Whether you are a die-hard believer or a skeptic with an interest in the buzz of healing crystals, it is important to remember that healing crystals help you tune into a higher frequency. Meaning, the world is all about energies – you are energy, I am energy, and energy is everything.

The energies you put off, whether you realize them or not, manifest in one way or another; this is easily related to emotions, such as sadness, anger, happiness, and love. These energies and thoughts you have become real. With the help of healing crystals and gemstones however, you can tune into those frequencies to understand, address, and embrace your needs and desires. When you tune into and learn to understand your true needs, you can help your body, mind, and soul achieve happiness and balance.

These vibrations of energy you feel daily and emit into the world can be good for you, but they can also lead to unrest, unease, and an unbalanced feeling. As you start to work with healing crystals more, you begin to notice the metaphysical properties that they can emit when you are tuning into them. While this may sound far-fetched and “new age-y”, healing crystals are not as “New Age” Millennial-like as you think. Sure, many people believe in the abilities that crystals have to help with transcendental experiences and enhancement of psychic abilities, but there are many relatable qualities to the energy work of healing crystals even for the skeptic – even if you are simply utilizing a healing crystal as a manifestation tool to help you focus, understand, and hone in on an immediate goal.

Scientist or Mystical?

However, as a skeptic or a science-based mind, it is important to hear about the works of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). As a brilliant scientist that worked for IBM for 27 years, Vogel received over 100 patents for his inventions. Most notably, Vogel was the creator of the magnetic coating on the 24” hard drive disc systems that are still utilized today, as well as the first liquid crystal displays (LCDs). After being a driving force in the scientific community for many years, Vogel gave a creativity course for engineers at IBM where he read an article entitled “Do Plants Have Emotions?”.

While the original theory was that they do not, Vogel decided to explore this interesting claim more. After plenty of research, Vogel was able to conclude that plants actually do respond to the energies that the human mind emits when they are targeted to that plant, particularly if the energies were intentions to cut, burn, or tear the plant. These experiments showed Vogel that we, as humans, store and emit energies at various frequencies. These vibrations are connected to thoughts and intentions, so these thoughts can become coherent, powerful, and targeted energies that can be directed anywhere. This led to his famous transition into a Spiritual Scientist that led to his study of quartz crystals and vibrational energies.

As a devout Catholic, Vogel was always very spiritual. However, one day he received, per his words, a spiritual vision of The Tree of Life as shown in the Kabbalistic teachings – a pattern he had never seen before. He did not know this at the time, but this vision reflected an ancient symbol that represented an energetic flow from the universal to the personal. He spent years studying and experimenting with sacred geometry, quartz crystals, and the scientific structures he was already educated with. He conducted research that advanced crystal technologies and studies, all while providing proof of the connection between energies and quartz. While he was watching crystals grow and change shape under a microscope, Vogel noticed that the forms they would take were directly correlated to what he was thinking about, allowing him to hypothesize the connections between the energies we emit and the assembling and disassembling of bonds within molecules. This vision eventually led to him designing a powerful crystal design (after the Tree of Life) for healing, information storage, transference, and energy activation, otherwise known as the “Vogel Crystal”.

This is where the skeptic meets the spiritual side of crystal healing. While crystals and gemstones may be too far-fetched for some, many people can relate to the works of a brilliant scientist who dedicated the latter part of his life to spiritual science and energy crystals. Even Albert Einstein believed that everything in life is a vibrational wave that is linked to all that you manifest and create in life. Even as a skeptic, it can’t hurt to try the healing and balancing potentials of crystals and gemstones!

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