December is a month of short days and long nights, leading to a lot of introspection. It is a time where we sleep, replenish, explore, and dream. We feast on the bounty from the past year and prepare to set our intentions for the next year. The darkness of the long nights carries potent energies for us to work with. Veils are thin, providing us with access to higher dimensions. This is when we do our shadow work. To support the deepening process, follow the following easy steps:

  1. Create a small alter dedicated to elevating your vibration and ultimately your consciousness. Within the alter, you will place a pine branch, a gold candle, and a crystal or crystals. The pine represents rebirth, immortality, and strength in adversity, while overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength. The gold candle is used to achieve enlightenment as gold symbolizes light in its purest form. It represents good fortune, money, success, protection, and victory. The crystal(s) is to be used to heighten your vibration, awareness, and protection.
  2. Work with Spirit Guide Raven: Raven ignites the energy of magic, travels into the shadow worlds, flies long distances to deliver messages from the Divine. To work with a spirit guide, call them in, meditate on them, ask them to come into your dream time and provide messages to you. You may even add a Raven to your alter to deepen the experience and your relation to Raven.
  3. Each night, burn a bit of the pine along with your gold candle to protect your home.
  4. Meditate every evening before you go to bed for five minutes for the month of December. Journal your knowings and your dreams. Pay close attention to special pieces of information that you will receive from the Divine.
  5. Use the pine branch as a broom to clear your alter and your home.
  6. Remember to give thanks to your tools, your spirit guides, and the Divine.
  7. Call in only information that serves your highest and best good.
  8. Always remember to set protection.