Most of you are slowing down, reflecting on 2018 as it starts to come to an end. As with every holiday season, we are steadily approaching the new year, which is always accompanied by introspection and reflection on all of your good and bad decisions, situations, hindrances, and growths over the year – and what a year it has been!

Whether you were ready or not, the Universe delivered powerful intentions that, if embraced, catapulted each of you into new dimensions. With the five eclipses that took place across the world this year – three solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses – 2018 was full of exciting, powerful energies. These five eclipses coincided with powerful solar flares that produced enormous amounts of energies to propel all of your thoughts and intentions into action. This solar activity, coupled with some of the most severe fires, floods, storms, and overall weather temperatures Mother Earth has ever seen, has put in motion a year of challenges – and hopefully some successful learning experiences from these situations.

Ultimately, you have all consciously or unconsciously experienced the intensity of the universe talking. These whispers forced you to face your life head on, which is where most of the struggles and challenges from this year stemmed from. Being forced to stand at attention and take note of the entirety of your life – whether you wanted to or not – is daunting, stressful, and emotional. Yet, many of you experienced growth in ways you have never seen before because of this blessing in disguise.

With these difficult life situations, you were forced to make big changes in order to see big results. The universe forced you to embrace change because it wasn’t going to give you any other choice. You were – and might still be – called to meet and embrace your greatest strengths to eliminate your greatest weaknesses. As we start to transition into the new year with an open mind, it is time to set your sights on achieving your deepest internal passions and desires, all while designing your new life to be aligned with your highest callings and truest purposes.

Honoring the Blessings of 2018

This year has been filled with deep cleansings and preparations for powerful rebirths. It is imperative that you honor where you have been, what you have seen, and all that you have experienced – the good and the bad – before you call in the new life you are entering in 2019. This is done through a sacred burial ceremony. A sacred burial is a powerful, potent tool that allows you to honor all of the blessings you have been granted. In essence, it clears out energies that may hold you back, allowing you to start your journey in 2019 with a fresh, energetically aligned path.

To do so, you must first reflect on where you have been. Think back to the beginning of this year – where were you? Were you happy, full of goals, and positive? Or were you down on your luck and unsure of the next phase of your life? You must evaluate what has worked and what has not. How far have you come today based on where you were at the start of the year? These introspective and thought-provoking questions will allow you to start your sacred burial ceremony with a full, grateful heart.

As you reflect on your year, you begin to release all the pain from the situations that brought you sadness this year. You start to look back and realize that maybe a certain situation was difficult in the moment, but ultimately essential to moving forward in your life. You ask the Divine to bring forward the meanings of your experiences. This allows you to find the hidden blessings in that solemn darkness. As you do so, you start to give thanks to the earth, to the Divine, and to the universe for the wonderful gifts and joys we have been graced with, even in the midst of hardships. You give thanks and honor all that supported you along your journey throughout the year.

Once you have spent some meditative time reflecting on the nuances of your situations, reactions, and decisions throughout the year, it is time to create a sacred space to facilitate the final cleansing of the year. When preforming this sacred burial ceremony, it is integral to cleanse, honor, and set time to perform this ritual with awareness – your key to your bright, new future. Use and hone this awareness during your sacred ceremony to focus on everything in your life that is within your control, because this is where you should always place your focus. It is futile to ruminate over situations that are out of your control.

What you can visual, you are able to shift – it is yours to move forward with into the new year, however you choose to deal with it. By taking the time to bring the past year into focus, you will set yourself up for success going into 2019 because the universe wants to support you. This cleansing practice opens your heart towards gratitude and a positive energy, illuminating the pathways into the new year. This conscious effort to align your mind, body, and spirit with this sacred burial ceremony allows you to prepare and set your intentions for the year to come.

Should you embark upon your new journey with a clean soul, open heart, and grateful spirit, you will experience the universe’s grand and delightful magic. It will display its magnificence and all its glory, leaving you with sheer and utter happiness. May you be met on your voyage by many blessings, and may your deepest dreams and desires manifest while staying true to your highest and best good.