More than ever before, businesses everywhere are questioning, pondering, and utilizing the phrase “triple bottom line.” For so long, businesses believed in profits and profit-oriented goals – everything revolved around making the most amount of money. Today, Millennials are pushing for something much more diverse, inclusive, and important, or this triple bottom line that companies as companies are calling it. The triple bottom line broadens the focus of a financial bottom line, which is still very important to a successful business, to include social and environmental frameworks.

In a day and age where sustainability is the ultimate buzzword, businesses are trying to figure out how to become sustainably responsible while still making a profit. Additionally, many people today believe in companies becoming an engaged member of their community, to their people that support them. By putting people and the planet on the same priority scale as profit, companies are starting to shift towards a sustainable, creative, diverse, and exciting future. But what is motivating and differentiating these companies in a world where measuring environmental and societal impact is difficult to evaluate?

It is the way these business owners and their employees are living their lives, both in the workplace and at home. It is spirituality, in whatever form that looks like to the individual. As businesses become more aware of the importance of values, ethics, and integrity, their spirituality begins to shift – it starts to play a more central role in their business. Spirituality in the business world is often dismissed because of it is often used as a synonym for religion, but that is not the case. Sure, some employee’s and business owner’s spirituality is rooted in religious practices, but it is the foundations of their religions – compassion, strength, motivation to do good, and so much more – that creates a strong, reputable, and successful business that people want to work for.

Spirituality in Business

Many of the business owners today that are encompassing the triple bottom line have focused on incorporating strong ethics and values into their company structures. This can vary from business owner to business owner, but overall, most successful businesses are focusing on integrity, service, health, and authenticity. All of these are issues that are plaguing the workforce today, which is why these companies are becoming successful – they are taking the needs of their employees and consumers and working to shift them!

As Millennials continue to demand flexible work schedules, caring employers that can adapt to the unique needs of employees and their families, and businesses that worry about more than just the profit, businesses that adapt to these needs are thriving. Many of these businesses are creating work-flex schedules that help people balance work and home life, whether through telecommuting initiatives or daily flexible scheduling. Either way, these successful businesses are finding ways to make their employees – and consumers – feel more valued.

Furthermore, the increase in companies implementing mindfulness classes, gym memberships, health and nutrition training, and meditation classes during work hours are lowering stress rates, creating healthier employees, and showing employees and consumers that they actively integrate their values and ethics into their businesses. These values and ethics that center on compassion are deep rooted in spirituality, which is why it is so vital that companies and entrepreneurs start encompassing spirituality into their daily business practices.

Businesses that can learn to encompass two paradoxical ideas – such as a successful business that makes a profit and also incorporates spirituality into their company – will have the ability to be more creative, flexible, agile, open, and responsive to change. Being able to change and adapt to the needs of consumers is the core of a successful business; and something as simple as placing more emphasis on spirituality, intuition, integrity, values, and belief systems will soon be the only way to successful run a company that you can be proud of.

The Year of Action

Success and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Powerful business leaders, community leaders, marriages, families or whatever else you deem as success have each found their “spiritual tools”.  Your spiritual language and tools are specific to yourself, regardless if they are founded in religion, the universe, science, or atheism – you must search for what works for you. However, solely relying on spirituality will not create the success you envision for yourself. It is important to realize that you have put together these ideas, dreams, and goals in your mind, yet the key to these dreams is action. Here are some important steps that can be done to help you unite your spirituality into your successful ventures:

  1. Establish clear, well-defined, and specific goals. Be sure to break these goals up into short and long-term goals. This can be done in many ways, but for business success, consider organizing these goals and tasks by year-end goals, quarterly goals, monthly goals, and daily tasks that can be done to achieve each of these goals.
  2. Set clear intentions with Spirit, God, or whatever name you wish to give to your spirituality.
  3. Set up alters, practices (rituals, praying, etc), or create time to meditate daily to support guidance and communication with Spirit.
  4. Ensure that you always remember to allow for flexibility – events may shift your goals, or you may realize that you have changed your mind on certain endeavors. Be open to changing your path.
  5. Make space to allow for divine miracles. This is allowing Spirit to organize events. Use your communication (and/or prayer and meditation) with Spirit to guide your actions.
  6. Set initiatives to learn more. By always making efforts to enhance your education, you put yourself on a path towards constant learning and success.
  7. Invest in yourself because you are your most valuable asset. If you do not invest in yourself, who else will?
  8. Care for all aspects of yourself – body, mind, and spirit. You need all three to achieve maximum success, because if one is out of balance, so are the rest. Create time to nourish yourself to increase productivity.
  9. Find a coach, an advisor, or someone else who has had success in areas you would like to see success to support you throughout the year.