Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana | Location: Below the Navel | Element: WaterColor: Orange | Crystals: Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Citrine

The Sacral Chakra, or Svadhisthana, is broken down into two Sanskrit words – swa meaning “one’s own” and adhisthana meaning “abode.” To many, this holds deep significance centering around the idea of the sacral chakra being the home to what we take pleasure in, what we create, and how we identify with that creativity that is deep inside of us all. This is why the sacral chakra is often referred to as the pleasure and creativity center of the body. As the second chakra in the chakras of matter, located between the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra, it is vital to creating a sound and stable structure to base the rest of the chakra systems upon. Once you have taken the time to understand and balance your foundation, or the root chakra, it is time to delve into the inner workings of your passions, creativity, and emotional body.

The Sacral Chakra Symbol

Since the Svadhisthana is associated with the water element, the symbol is represented with a circle that has six petals with a crescent moon inside of the circle. The circle encompasses the elements of water, just as the moon is connected to the ebbs and flows of the tides in the ocean. With the sacral chakra being connected to passion, creativity, and the powers of your sexual being, it is no surprise that the moon is included in the sacral chakra symbol.

This symbolism is correlated to the true aspects of being a woman – menstruation. For centuries, menstruation and feminine sexual energies have been connected to the 28-day lunation cycle of the moon, which corresponds with the 28-day cycle of a typical menstrual cycle. Furthermore, women’s cycles are also connected to the ebb and flow of the constantly changing tides of the ocean, signifying the most important aspect of the sacral chakra, creativity. Everything you create should come from passion, sensuality, and emotional connectedness – ranging from giving birth to dancing and painting to creating healthy yet exciting relationships.

The sacral chakra, being a center for emotional stability and wellbeing, is also represented in its universal symbol. The moon, the changing tides, and the energies represented in its soft, almost transparent, orange color signify the fluctuations in our emotions. All these emotions are linked to our repression, regression, or embracing of our passions, our sexuality, and of who we truly are, all of which are represented in this strong symbol.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

Located three inches below the navel around the center of your lower belly and back, the sacral chakra is located right on the lumbar vertebrae. This location is directly related to the genital area (ovaries for women and the testis for men), while also being connected to the lymphatic system. Since chakras are connected to Prana – a life-giving force of energy, breath, and consciousness – each chakra is connected to a major bodily system that promotes life. Without a balanced flow of Prana into these key areas, the areas where chakras correspond, our mental, physical, and emotional health are out of balance.

The connection that the sacral chakra has to the lymphatic system is one of passion with masculine and feminine energies. This means that a blocked sacral chakra usually manifests with physical ailments revolving around hormone imbalances, sexual reproduction issues, urinary problems, digestive ailments, and low or excess sex drive. The lymphatic system also works to clear the body of waste matter from the lymph nodes which helps restore proper plasma and protein levels to the blood, creating a healthy flow of blood to your heart and other major organs. Spiritually, the connection of the root chakra with the lymphatic system represents the clearing of negative energies that no longer serve you physically, mentally, and spiritually. When these negative habits are eliminated from your life, you experience the true joys of childlike wonder, passion, sexuality, and creativity.

Unfortunately, today’s society is the biggest hinderance to a strong, balanced, and open sacral chakra. We live in a society that teaches us to hide our emotions, to view emotions and passion as a characteristic that will hinder success. We become disconnected from our passions once we outgrow the “appropriate age” to color, cut colorful paper, make abstract and childlike creations, and make artistic passions a focal point of our lives. We are told to work hard our whole lives so we can play when we’re old and grey. We are taught from religious upbringings to societal expectations of sexuality to view sex as a secret, as something that is meant for conception alone.

This only leads to an unbalanced – blocked or overactive – sacral chakra. The Svadhisthana is meant to be primal, instinctive, and unique. It flourishes when we are connecting with our bodies, our sexuality, and our pleasures. Our passion center will only continued to be blocked until we learn to deal with any deep-rooted issues connected to what has hindered our sexuality, pleasures, and passions. Whether you want to dance, sing, draw, write, or create your own forms of self-expression, it is time to get to the root of what drives your Svadhisthana – to what connects you to your sensual, creative, and passionate being.

Signs Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked or Overactive

When it comes to unbalanced chakras, most people either have an overactive chakra, which means that the chakra is working in overdrive and distributing too much energy throughout the body, or an underactive chakra, which is a blockage of that chakra that leads to a lack of energy being distributed to that chakra. Both overactive and underactive chakras lead to physical ailments, mental distress, and an unbalanced spirit.

While some people manifest trauma and blocked chakras through physical symptoms and others through emotional symptoms, either way, a balancing of the chakras must be addressed – especially if it is one of the chakras of matter. All of the chakras are an interdependent, coexisting system that relies on all of the chakras being aligned. When one is out of balance, chances are other chakras are out of whack. This is especially true when the foundation of the chakra system is unbalanced (the chakras of matter).

When the sacral chakra is blocked, underactive, or deficient (these words are often used interchangeably), you will often manifest feelings of low self-worth and love, feeling as if you are unwanted, detached, and unauthentic to your true self. When this starts to happen, these depressing feelings lead to a detachment from relationships and activities that spark creativity and bring you pleasure. You will also often experience a lack of sex drive, feelings of inadequacy in your relationships, and an inability to emotionally cope with any life changes.

Alternatively, if your sacral chakra is overactive, in overdrive, or excessive, chances are you are feeling an over abundance of sexual and emotional energy. This leads to emotional distress, outrage, and overreactions to situations that usually do not bother you. An overactive sacral chakra also manifests with symptoms of extreme codependency, an addictive personality, and emotional attachment issues. This all leads to anxious and aggressive reactions in our relationships. Mood swings and feelings of being overwhelmed with everything that life throws at you are common as well. This will contribute to a mental block towards accurately identifying and expressing emotions, both verbally and in a creative setting.

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

The feelings associated with an overactive or underactive sacral chakra can be devastating, both for your mental wellbeing and feelings of self-worth, and for your creativity. When your creativity is lacking, your passions, pleasures, and needs will not be met – which will ultimately turn you away from your rightful path, leaving you unmotivated, depressed, and lonely. To embrace your sacral chakra in hopes of finding those passions and pleasures that drive you, make you happy, and allow you to be in touch with your sexual being, here are a few important steps you can take towards balancing your Svadhisthana.

Many people recommend utilizing yoga poses that open up the hips because this is the general area where your Svadhisthana is located. Whether you do pigeon pose, extended child’s pose, goddess pose, or frog pose, make sure to put emphasis on visualizing the feeling of opening your hips and lower body to positive inward and outward flows of energy.

In addition, color visualization of the vibrant, exciting, and playful color of the translucent orange that is associated with the sacral chakra can be beneficial to assisting in proper energy distribution. Whether you wear more of the color, place more orange in your house with orange crystals, or simply view it in your mind as you meditate, be sure to utilize color visualization every day in your meditation or yogic practices.

Other important ways to balance and connect more with your sacral chakra include getting outside – near water is best – and focus on being connected to mother earth and all that she offers you. The connection between the sacral chakra and the water is present when you truly clear your mind and focus on combining those energies.

However, the most important way to love and nourish your sacral chakra is by practicing creativity again. Many of us may not even know how to do this anymore. Learn to try new things, whether it is drawing, painting, dancing, cooking a meal without a recipe, or knitting. Connecting with the childlike pleasure of creating something from nothing with no negative feelings about the outcome can shift your perspective. It will allow you to remember the little things that make you happy while fostering strong feelings of pleasure and passion, which in turn, will help with all feelings of creativity and sexuality.