Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha | Location: Throat | Element: Akasha/Pure Ether | Color: Turquoise Blue | Crystal: Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Turqouise

When one of our chakras is out of alignment, all of our chakras are impacted. We cannot have balance and harmony in our lives without all of our chakras being balanced. This is why we often start at the root chakra, where we learn to reconnect with our childlike needs and wants that ground us and provide a foundation for our lives. From there, we learn to explore our creativity, sexuality, and passion through our sacral chakra. Then, we move into aligning the last of the three chakras of matter, the solar plexus chakra. This is where many of us call onto our foundation from the root chakra and the passion center of the sacral chakra to begin our process of awakening into who we truly are.

As we begin to act on our desires, we learn to align our heart chakra – the epicenter for connection between the chakras of matter and the chakras of spirit. When we learn to listen to our heart’s truest desires, while working to view life and humanity through the eyes of loving kindness, we can start to focus on the first of the chakras of spirit, the throat chakra. By using the heart chakra as a tool for cultivation and growth in all of our other chakras, we start to emphasize all that we have learned about ourselves, our desires, and our needs from the chakras of matter. This allows us to activate the throat chakra to bring those desires into fruition – making these dreams a reality by speaking our truths.

The Throat Chakra Symbol

Radiating a deep, turquoise blue hue, the throat chakra symbol coloring represents trust, wisdom, purification, and truth, most often in the form of speaking our truths while being open to listening and hearing the truths of others. The throat chakra is located at the throat center, but it also encompasses the neck, shoulders, mouth, tongue, jaw, larynx, vocal cords, thyroid, and the parathyroid. Some even say it encompasses the hears because listening to the needs of others is just as important as speaking your truths.

The throat chakra symbol is composed of lotus flower with sixteen petals. The number sixteen in numerology is reduced to the number seven – a very powerful number that symbolizes understanding, open awareness, and knowledge. These are all vital aspects of the throat chakra, because with open communication, we start to gain knowledge about ourselves and the world around us that will help us learn to open our mind and soul to all that life offers. The rest of the throat chakra symbol contains a downward pointing triangle with a circle inside of it, representing the growth and blossoming of knowledge that leads to spiritual growth and understanding.

Understanding the Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra’s Sanskrit name is Vishuddha, translating to “purity”, which is derived from acknowledging our truest desires that lie in our hearts and communicating them to the world. These desires, when the lower chakras are receptive, open, and balanced, stem from the purest parts of our mind, body, and soul. The Vishuddha is the connection between feelings and thoughts, allowing us to acknowledge, process, and understand all that we are feeling and thinking. This leads to a purification of the mind, body, and spirit that will set us on our true path.

Authentic expression is something we all struggle with, but when we are actively engaging the throat chakra, we become connected to the passions and creativity that make us happy – and then we learn to execute these dreams with hard work to ensure that they happen. When we hold ourselves back from what we want because of fear, the Vishuddha becomes blocked, inhibiting many of our relationships and our personal growth. With a strong throat chakra, we learn to make meaningful relationships through open and honest communication, as well as listening to people in our lives to ensure that we hear and acknowledge their authentic selves.

Another huge component of the throat chakra is the element that it is attached to. While all of the chakras are spiritual in nature, the first of the three chakras of spirit is especially vital to spiritual growth. The Vishuddha’s element is Akasha, otherwise referred to as pure ether or sometimes as sound. In the spiritual world and to many ancient civilizations, the Ether Plane is considered a celestial energy that is deeper and more conscious than the Earth Plane; the sounds, energies, lightness, and airiness that fills all space.

This is why the throat chakra is highly correlated with the physical portal for reaching a higher level of spiritual consciousness. The Vishuddha allows us to communicate our expression of ourselves, our desires, our creativity, and our goals to help us align to our right path. When we do this, we learn to open our mind and become more attuned to the spiritual side of every human being that often lays dormant in many of us.

Signs Your Throat Chakra is Blocked or Overactive

As mentioned above, the throat chakra is connected to many parts of our body, which is why some of the most obvious symptoms of an overactive or underactive throat chakra tend to be physical. If you are struggling with thyroid, metabolism, and hormone imbalances, chances are your Vishuddha is in need of some attention. If you are manifesting physical pain in the shoulders, neck, ears, and throat, especially during flu season, it is time to focus on aligning your throat chakra to help you connect to who you truly are again. The Vishuddha is believed to be a center where strong emotions are stored which is why many of us experience a “lump” in our throats when we are feeling overly emotional.

If your throat chakra is blocked, deficient, or underactive, you may be dealing with depression and a lack of contentment with who you are. Chances are, you are very insecure with who you are, often resulting in a lot of negative self-talk. When this happens, you begin to believe that you are unworthy of living a life that you are passionate about. This eventually leads to being timid in voicing your truths and needs to others, pushing you to become more introverted. By underutilizing your throat chakra and not communicating to others because do not think your thoughts and needs are valuable or important, you become secluded, alone, and start to stray from your highest purposes.

However, if your Vishuddha is overactive or excessive, you tend to overutilize your throat chakra by talking excessively and gossiping. When emotionally heated, this tends to translate into verbally aggressive or abuse communication. Since the throat chakra is highly attuned to listening just as much as it is with speaking, if you are constantly the only one in the room talking, you are missing out on hearing and communicating with others. This also leads to dysfunctional relationships and a lack of trust from others because you become too absorbed in the self instead of meaningful relationships with others.

How to Balance Your Throat Chakra

One of the most important ways to connect and realign your Vishuddha is to focus on open, honest, and compassionate communication and listening techniques. To start, try and pausing before reacting or responding to what people say. Evaluate your responses with these three gateways: is this response a true statement; is it necessary to say this; is it being said in a kind way? Yes, the throat chakra is all about communication – but communication that is done maliciously and callously is not healthy communication. Your truths do not need to be hurtful for them to be said and acknowledged. Furthermore, learning to listen to those around you is the best way to learn healthy communication habits, all while creating long-lasting relationships that encourage constant communication. This allows each person to feel safe in expressing their needs.

Utilizing ancient yogic techniques to enhance and balance the throat chakra are also great ways to heal your Vishuddha. Two important breathing techniques that are practiced in yoga that activate the throat chakra is Ujjayi breath and Lion’s breath. This creates a healthy level of energetic air flow through the throat chakra pathways. Utilize these breathing techniques in yoga, meditation, or just whenever you feel completely overwhelmed and unable to communicate. Additionally, adding hip opening and chest opening yoga postures into your daily practice can help facilitate a strong Vishuddha.

Another important way to incorporate healthier communication techniques into your daily life is to write down what you need in any given relationship. If you are struggling with telling your husband or wife that you need them to do more around the house, practice what you need to say by writing it down. Reread it and memorize it so you can feel confident in what you are saying – and remember to make sure what you are saying passes the three question test above. No matter if you are struggling with a work relationship, spouse, or friend, learning to communicate what you need is the only way to truly open your mind, body, and spirit to the spiritual powers of an aligned throat chakra.