Sanskrit Name: Ajna | Location: Between the Eyebrows | Element: Light | Color: Indigo | Crystal: Amethyst, Fluorite, Black Obsidian

After weeks of working on balancing your lower chakras, your chakras of matter are feeling strong and open. Your foundation in the root chakra is steady, your inner child and pleasure center has been cultivated by balancing your sacral chakra, and finally, you have learned to cultivate and combine the energies from the root and sacral chakra to begin your spiritual awakening by opening your solar plexus chakra. This is a powerful foundation to have in order to move into healing our heart center that allows us to open fully to the world around us through the power of love in our heart chakra.

The heart chakra is utilized as a bridge between the first three chakras of matter and the last three chakras of spirit. When we learn to love ourselves and others openly and fully, we can begin to speak our inner truths and desires. We start to make room in our lives for engaging, honest relationships with ourselves and those in our lives that we love by empowering and balancing the throat chakra, or the first chakra of spirit. Once we learn how to communicate our inner truths, our consciousness begins to expand, calling on our second chakra of spirit to awaken and become more engaged. As we explore the third eye chakra, we begin to find balance, harmony, and light on our path to spiritual awakening.

The Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Traditionally depicted by two lotus petals, an upside-down triangle in the middle, and the Ohm symbol positioned over the triangle, the third eye chakra’s symbol is the purest embodiment of wisdom – so much so that the third eye chakra is historically governed by Krishna, the Hindu god of wisdom. A simple yet elegant symbol, the third eye chakra is associated with heightened intuition, awareness, and enlightenment.

As is well-known in Hindu cultures, the lotus flower embodies prosperity, beauty, and eternal wisdom. The inverted triangle, which represents a duality in the third eye chakra, shows the channeling of information and learning at the top of the triangle that is moving towards the point of the triangle where wisdom cultivates and blossoms in the third eye. If looked at upside down, the expanding sides of the triangle signify the growth of knowledge, intellect, and wisdom that puts us on the path towards enlightenment.

Represented by the color indigo, a deep bluish-purple hue, that further signifies the importance of wisdom, mystery of the unknown, and the cultivation of faith that everything will become known to us when it is time if we are open to the universe’s messages, the third eye chakra is a power symbol. This allows visualization of the symbol to be a wonderful way to open your third eye chakra during meditation. When visualized with light, the element that governs the third eye chakra, our truest path and deepest desires will be made known, encouraging us to reach a higher state of consciousness, even when we are not looking for enlightenment.

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra’s Sanksrit name is Ajna, translating roughly to “perceive”, “command”, and “beyond wisdom”, which makes sense when you understand the power of the third eye chakra. Located between the eyebrows, the third eye chakra encompasses the pineal gland that regulates biorhythms such as sleep and wake time. The pineal gland is located in the brain in an area that is often susceptible to the perception of the world and life itself, allowing us to open the third eye chakra to a state of mystical consciousness and being if we so choose. Ajna is also connected to optical nerves that can be sensitive to excess visual stimulations, changes in lighting, and overuse of technological devices that effect our eyes.

While many of the lower chakras are highly attuned to physical wellness, basic needs, and desires being met, the third eye chakra is governed on a more spiritual plane. When our third eye chakra is open, we become more aware of the subtleties of life, reality, and higher consciousness. Essentially, the sixth chakra is our sixth sense – intuition. An extremely undervalued sense today, intuition is vital to expanding your awareness and opening your mind to all that life has to offer. Your sixth sense allows you to see the subtle messages that people, the universe, and mother nature are sending you – your inner knowing. Intuition is often reflected in a physical sensation, yet we need our opened third eye to help us remain steady and aware of that intuition instead of doubting it because we are so tied to reality and logic.

This inner knowing and guidance is essential in helping you achieve your wildest dreams – the dreams that you have cultivated by working on aligning the first five chakras. When you start to listen and connect with the energies flowing in and out of your third eye chakra, you begin to see the inner and outer worlds that allow you to experience clear thought, spiritual guidance, self-reflection, and witnessing the moment. The Ajna is often referred to as seeing through the lens of the observer. This often means by being more mindful of each moment, but it also encompasses the duality of viewing everything as it is, good and bad, without judgement.

When you begin to examine why your mind is closed and dominated by self-limiting ideas, you start to awaken your third eye chakra. The limits you impose on yourself are what are holding you back. When you start to push the boundaries of what you think you know by becoming more open to what the universe (Divine, God, Gods, or whatever else you believe in) is trying to show you, finite wisdom develops. Through this deep, non-judgmental, and open wisdom, you will discover deeper truths beyond the words that people say, beyond what the mind tells you is true. Ajna allows you to find your spiritual harmony and balance with the real world and the metaphysical realm.

Signs Your Third Eye Chakra is Blocked or Overactive

As mentioned above, the Ajna is more spiritually attuned than physically noticeable, but some key ways that an overactive or underactive third eye chakra may manifest physically is in the eyes and forehead. If you are struggling with migraines, light sensitivities, or vision impairments, you are most likely experiencing a blockage in your third eye chakra. If you spend a lot of time staring at a television, your phone, or a computer, you may be experiencing vision issues that will also negatively affect your third eye chakra. Ajna is also vital in your retention of new skills, recalling important facts, and intelligence. If you are struggling in any of these areas, it is time to focus on healing your third eye chakra.

If your third eye chakra is blocked, deficient, or underactive, your third eye chakra is not receiving enough energy flow and attention. This can be caused by any number of situations such as physical illness, life stressors, major life changes, and ignoring your intuition and inner knowing. Deficient Ajna is usually characterized by an inability to concentrate on simple daily tasks, difficulty processing and retaining information, and a disconnection from life. You may hear from others that your “head is in the clouds”, experiencing spaciness, mental confusion, and a general lack of being grounded to where you are at in life.

Alternatively, an overactive or excessive Ajna creates closed-mindedness, cynicism about life and your future, and arrogance. When the third eye chakra is working in overdrive because of imbalances in the other chakras, you may feel mentally fatigued, indecisiveness, and clouded judgement. This leads to you feeling extreme anxiety, living in fear of the unknown, but you are too tired to change it. This will eventually affect personal relationships with loved ones, while keeping you from unlocking your highest potential.

How to Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

One of the most beneficial ways to cultivate and open your third eye chakra is to open yourself up to the possibilities of the world. When you have a gut feeling to try something new, do it. If you feel as if you are aching to travel and get outside, then go play in the sunshine, rain, or snow. Open your mind up to different perspectives by engaging in intellectual conversations with people who hold different beliefs than your own – learn from them through the eyes of the observer, without judgement. Read new books, learn a new skill, or journal your thoughts and desires every day. When you open your mind, body, and soul to your inner knowing, you begin to find your intuition and wisdom that is laying dormant inside of you.

Other important ways that you can cultivate your wisdom and inner truth is by meditating with color and symbol visualization. When you are doing this, you may even incorporate powerful Asanas, or energetic yoga poses, that are geared towards the third eye. This includes any pose that brings the forehead to the ground, such as child’s pose and downward facing dog, or poses that allow your hips to bend down and enlighten the third eye. Even better – get outside while doing yoga or meditation in the bright light that guides the Ajna. When you cultivate and lovingly learn to open your mind to the spiritual subtleties of life, you will find strength, power, happiness, and motivation to reach your highest potential.