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Leadership: Stop Talk and Start Listening

We spend our lives being taught to read, write, and speak, all of which are important qualities to being a successful adult in all facets of life. Reflecting upon our educational upbringings however, are we ever really taught to listen? In today’s day and age,...

The Power of Your Smile

No matter where you are right now, stop. Take a deep breath in, and then release it. Now smile. It may seem basic and unimportant - even silly - but the science today is showing that choosing to smile and incorporating more smiles into your day will not only benefit...

Eating the Rainbow: Benefits of a Colorful Diet

Eating a variety of colors isn’t a new concept – but it has gained more recognition in recent years. Most of you have probably heard that eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables is the right thing to do, but most people do not really understand why. Is it...

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