Experience Divine Love and Healing

Kirstin Gold is a psychic intuitive, shaman practitioner, energy facilitator.  She facilitates various modalities of healing such as shaman healing, soul retrieval, journeying, reiki, energy clearing, chakra balancing, tarot/oracle readings, fairy magick, past life regression, spiritual guidance and healing and performance coaching. Kirstin possesses a unique combination of skills: she has achieved high levels of success in the business world as well as being blessed at a young age of being connected to spirit. She serves as the bridge between this world and the spiritual realm.  She works with you to connect to your spirit, your guides, your intuition and assists you in mastering your core inner strengths so that you can powerfully bring them forward in this world.  She facilitates deep inner healing that allows you to be your best self.   She has made it her life’s work to help others achieve peak performance and obtain their passionate desires in their respective fields through living a balanced, healthy and mindful life.


Activate Your Souls Journey