Awakening Your Authentic Self


Awakening Your Authentic Self
Discussions to Support Your Soul’s Journey and Your Awakening Process
Fourth Thursday of every month
7:00pm to 9:00pm



During this healing circle you will have an opportunity to discuss your soul’s journey, the path you are on and your personal awakening process. We will hold discussions, you may ask questions and you will receive answers. You will have the ability to explore your questions and your gifts in a safe and sacred group setting. We will discuss real life experiences and uncover what it is spirit is trying to teach you. The healing that takes place in authentic, open and honest sharing set in sacred space allows us to expand into our fully awakened state with grace and ease.

This evening will be facilitated by Kirstin Gold – a healer, intuitive, business executive, and teacher. She will offer intuitive insight that will support your personal souls journey. She will provide direct and individualized feedback to allow you to expand into your highest authentic self.


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