Full Moon & Winter Solstice Free Online Event


Date: Friday, December 21st
Time: 7 PM – 8 PM EST
Location: Free Online Event!



Full Moon / Winter Solstice Celebration and Meditation

Illuminate your powers, transcend your limits, and bring action to your intentions.

The full moon illuminates things that are interfering with your spiritual advancement. Ultimately, the high priest and high priestess combined with the energies of the full moon will illuminate your powers and the gifts that are yearning to step forward into the day’s light. You will set clear and clean intentions aligned with the moons energies and your highest good.

During the sacred ceremony, we will communicate with the ancient masters to invoke the divine and to harness the power of self. Through the direct link to the lunar energies, ancient high priests and high priestesses provide access to clear blockages, release what no longer serves you, let go of what you no longer need in your life, and set clear and powerful intentions.


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