Mary Magdalene


Date:  February 15th
Location: 100 Main Street, Suite 102, Boise, ID
Facilitated by Kirstin Gold
RSVP: $15.00 Paid in Advance | $20.00 Paid at Door



Awaken your sovereign divinity by connecting to one of the most sacred and revered spiritual leaders of the Divine Feminine.  Experience the profound love of Mary Magdalene.  Experience her soul essence which is comprised of grace, courage, depth, wisdom, feminine sexuality and strength awakening your own soul’s sacredness.


In this Sacred Circle we will connect with ancient goddesses from various times and civilizations. We will harness the energies of the goddesses to reclaim your powerful feminine energy found within and surrounding us all by embodying and living your truth and your highest purpose. There is profound healing in gathering for individual healing in a collective consciousness of Healing.

This Sacred Circle is a gathering of women with the intention of creating individual and collective healing through conscious practices rituals and ceremonies. It is dedicated to empowering all beings on the path to sovereignty; to awakening to your medicine and gifts, inspiring creativity, and to moving towards sacred unity in this world. We embrace all faces of the Divine Feminine here in the circle across all paths, ages and beliefs.

Sit in sacred circle and delve deep into yourself through ancient rituals, divine feminine practices, to the call of the wild and the rising Goddess within. In the sacred circle we will:
• Open intention and ceremony
• Goddess teachings – connecting with various goddesses through time and civilizations
• Sacred space and sacred alter
• Sacred practices for your personal use
• Guided Meditation to help you connect with the month’s Goddess and unleash her divine presence and healing into your life.
• Sacred closing ceremony to bless and release our circle The Sacred Feminine energy is the doorway to all manifestation and when you awaken your Divine Goddess within, unlock your creative powers. When you embrace your inner Goddess, you enter your awakened consciousness where you can fully express sacred sexuality, embrace Divine pleasure, and help heal humanity with your love.

RSVP: Paid at door $20.00 | Paid in advance $15.00


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