Wisdom Keepers Sacred Medicine Wheel – South


Wisdom Keepers Sacred Medicine Wheel
Location:  122 N. 5th Street, Boise, ID 83702
Class includes one 60 minute group live video between seasons
Recording with deepening practices
Class is 10am – 6pm
May 4, 2019 – South – Amun Ra  



Traverse the inner mysteries of your soul.  Travel through the sacred hoop of the medicine wheel guided by the ancient wisdom keepers.  This magical journey will renew your sacred contract with life.  This is a journey of courage, truth, harmony and peace, a never-ending circle that continually evolves – death and rebirth.

Experience the profound mysticism in each part of the wheel and its spirit guides.

These guides will serve as your companion’s and a tremendous resource that will guide your healing, insight and wisdom.  This sacred medicine wheel is layered with various traditions throughout time.  You will honor the traditions of the ancestors past and experience a new and powerful sacred medicine wheel.

Throughout your path work of each medicine quadrant, you will also work deeply with the powers of the ancient Ouroborus, experience its infinite wholeness and power of death and rebirth.  You will become the embodiment of the Pleroma, the soul, void, and the center all –everything and nothing.

Your reality, your experience in your process allows you to become inwardly prepared and integrate lifetimes of dedication and the study and practices of the ancient wisdom.  Through the Wisdom Keepers Medicine Wheel you will connect the wisdom of all of your life times past and those to come.  This precious journey will support you in living a beautiful life of determination grace and a good heart.

The Way of the Seer and the Visionary
May 4th, 2019

Direction:  South
Ancient Master: Amun Ra
Spirit Guide: Dragon
Element: Fire
Aspect: Spiritual
Plant Medicine: Thistle
Season:  Summer
Aspect: Spiritual
Plant Medicine: Thistle
Season:  Summer

The fire of the Dragon and the depths of the Amun Ra the fire God will allow you the ability to see life from different perspectives and use fire to transmute, transform and transcend past wounds that define you.  You will release block’s that hold you back and shed the skin that keeps you hidden behind illusion.  You will create a pure vessel for your divine state as a Seer and a Visionary to illuminate from.  You will experience your true essence and fully own and stand in your power.  Fire is that of passion, you will ignite your passion and work with an open heart and that enables you to move with freedom.  Experience unlimited potential and live fully in a purposeful and fulfilling life.


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