Delivering downloadable workshops every month to help you delve deeper into understanding one of our 3 soul education paths.

This subscription based service will deliver to your in-box a variety of tools to help you learn in your understanding. Each month we will focus on one aspect of the education path and you will receive meditations, PDF resources and video guides.

Plus, for only $10 more per month you can even have our ritual tool kits sent to your home every month to better support your growth and learning! Your kits will include all the digital downloads plus physical products like: crystals, sage, incense, books, ritual tools and more! Every box will be specific to our topic and help you have the practical tools to implement your learning!

Temple of Isis and the Ancient Masters

Discover the magic of the Ancient Masters. Take your inner path and spiritual healing journey to a new level. Tap into the ancient alchemy, an extremely high vibrational energy to manifest your soul’s highest evolution. During the class, we will study the ancient masters, prepare and practice rituals and experience divine healing and love. Throughout each month we will continue to train you. Our focus is for you to experience a shift in your consciousness, leverage the ancient powers, elevate your soul, integrate it into current and futures energies to create the new world consciousness.

Chamber of Healing – Monthly Moon and Sun Energy Rituals

Experience deep healing rituals utilizing the powerful healing energy of the moon and the sun. Utilize the universes almighty gifts such as fire, earth, water, air, sun, moon, stars, energy as a conduit to initiate deep inner healing. Experience true unconditional love that opens your heart and space to elevate your consciousness to be the light in the world you are intended to be. You have the ability to participate and download at your convenience. During the class, we will study various healing modalities and rituals that will increase your vitality, energy and vibrations. We will hold a monthly class and you will receive curriculum as well as a suggested tool kit to facilitate your growth. You have the ability to participate and download curriculum at your convenience.

Magick of the Hidden Realms

Journey into the enchanted multidimensional realms of beings such as fairy, fae, dragons, mer, sirens, angels and all of the inhabitants of fairyland that of the wee ones. The fae folk are the initiators of ancient magicks. Fairies help us through dreams and heal the deepest levels of karma. Through your journey you will experience and harness the ethereal magical powers of the fairy folk. You will learn to build the trust of your cherished hidden realm folk, set sacred ceremony to ensure to honor the fae’s and their magick and safely journey into hidden portals of the fae realms. Through the ceremonies with the fae folk you will learn to find your true purpose and how to clear the pathways to facilitate and live your highest calling. Become aware of our power to shape our own lives and manifest our dreams. You have the ability to participate and download curriculum at your convenience.

Soul Mastery Subscription Coming Soon!

We are launching our subscription soul education paths very soon!!

Please check back to join us every month for a new theme designed to deepen and ignite your soul.