Kirstin Gold is a world class teacher of leadership, integrity and inspiration.  With the utmost of sensitivity to my heart and history she has motivated me to a whole new level of full self expression and performance.  She is able to recognize and distinguish my personal effectiveness even in the face of my skepticism.  Any executive or organization that is looking to grow to another level will be grateful to have Kirstin Gold on the team.

Kirstin has the unique ability to bring the full expression of her Yin energy  to empower completely the Yang energy of making anything happen in the physical world.  With complete appreciation of all forms of expression, Kirstin is able to dance and choreograph the powers of Action and Attraction to effectively motivate teams to produce.

I highly recommend Kirstin Gold for anyone or any organization that is serious about being, expressing and growing to be all that they can be.

Dr Jim Dohn Hellerwork, DC

Kirstin has worked with me for over four years in business performance, life coaching and spiritual development. She has helped me embrace my ADD and utilize it as an asset. As a direct result I am a consistent top performer and continue to grow in my career and live a balanced life.

Private Client

I’ve had sessions with wonderful psychics, mediums and spiritual healers through the years where I’ve walked away with new insights. However, when I recently did a healing sessions with Kirstin Gold, I was blown away, Her listening skills, insight, relationship with spirit and the power to see and heal was something I had never experienced before.

I had preserved through physical, emotional and financial challenges throughout my life and had achieved success at many levels. I never stopped moving and doing until I had to undergo surgery and take it easy. Due to that down time I began to  feel a heavy, deep sad energy that prevented me from moving forward and being happy. I couldn’t figure it out and reached out to Kirstin hoping she could help me. She made me dig deep and search my soul. She gathered information from me in a kind, sensitive, trustworthy and compassionate manner. We discovered that I had never moved on from issues in the past and had stored the trauma in my body for years.

It was an intense physical and spiritual sensation as Kirstin psychically searched and found the areas where trauma was stored from my childhood to the present. She cut cords, shifted and disbanded energy that wasn’t serving me and could potentially injure me over time. Afterwards she provided healing energy to fill the new spaces until my body felt like it was radiating light. I can’t describe exactly what happened but I felt like I was in the hands of a master who was working with her guides and her gifts on the highest level.  I was truly blessed. I’m happy to embrace life and feel passionate about my goals and dreams again. Thank you, Kirstin

Emmalie Auchieu